FREE audit software that streamlines the ESOS process unique FREE software allows:

  • Any user to create instant Payback on Investment calculations in matter of minutes
  • In one click, connect with suppliers who can  action recommendations.
  • Produce professional, fully editable building audit reports in a matter of minutes – for FREE!

“WTP Software reduces time spent completing a building audit by at least 50%!”

To complete your organisations ESOS compliance, engage our experienced ESOS Lead Assessors.

Our Lead  Assessors will:

  • Gather and profile energy consumption data 
  • Manage building ESOS audits using our advanced online software
  • Undertake transport audits
  • Compile the required evidence pack
  • Review and provide Lead Assessor sign-off
  • Help notify the Environment Agency

“Calculations are based on real products from real suppliers.  In one click, survey data can be sent to those suppliers to arrange installation!  

As with all calculations, you need good data in, to get good data out.  Before using our site in earnest, we recommend that you arrange a free consultation with one our experts.  We will happily arrange a TEAMs call to showcase the site and it’s full capabilities.  To arrange, please e-mail ‘[email protected]

Click the website link below to be taken to the site. However, before using the site, we recommend you watch the quick overview video:

Our experienced ESOS Lead Assessors previous ESOS clients include: JLL, Energizer, Coca Cola…. to name but a few. 

Through a network of experienced ESOS Lead Assessors, we can audit any location in the whole of the UK and beyond…